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Gilbert Villegas

for Alderman of the 36th Ward

Gil Villegas is a U.S. Marine, Teamster, & Dad running for re-election in Chicago’s 36th Ward. 100% pro-choice, Gil has fought for lower property taxes, paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage, women's reproductive rights, increased funding for public schools, and public safety -- putting more cops on the street & addressing the root causes of crime like poverty & mental health.

A life of service. Delivering opportunities for working families.

When Gil Villegas was eight years old his father died suddenly, forcing his family to rely on Social Security, public housing, and food stamps to make ends meet. After high school, Gil joined the Marines and served overseas in Desert Storm. When he returned home, Gil became a union bread truck driver and was elected into leadership to help fight for liveable wages. 

Gil never forgot what it was like to struggle, so he dedicated his life to creating opportunity for others and serving the people of the 36th Ward. 

  • Helped small businesses create thousands of good-paying jobs 

  • Ensured women and minority-owned businesses got their fair share of infrastructure contracts

  • Expanded affordable housing because too many people are priced out of our community

  • Helped deliver a living wage for Chicago airport workers

  • Led efforts to pass the largest universal basic income pilot in America and put money directly in the pockets of low-income working families

  • Provided responsive service to thousands of residents since 2015

  • Spearheaded a 2021 COVID vaccination drive that administered 20,000 doses to Chicagoans

Gil Villegas is fighting for safer and stronger communities we can all afford.

  • Lower property taxes and expanded access to affordable housing

  • Increased investment for schools and job opportunities

  • Tougher gun laws and more funding for police to keep our streets safe

  • Protecting a woman's right to choose and make her own healthcare decisions

“As a Marine, a member of the Chicago City Council, and a lifelong advocate for working families, I have always served my community and delivered results. You can always count on me to fight for safer neighborhoods and lower costs, so that everyone can afford to live in our great city.”

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